Role of educational institutions

Students are active volunteers when it comes to preservation of nature. Apart from this, they are also the future of our country. Hence they can and should be encouraged to work towards plastic waste management. But since their exposure towards legal rules is low or negligible, steps should be taken according to their age. However, steps at this level can surely bring about a huge change in the world. Few of these measures are as follows :
‌Teach the students about measures like eco brick and recycling waste material.
‌Get them involved in community such projects as eco bricking and collecting recyclable material and making the most use of it. Some schools do take measure like best out of waste which should be encouraged.
‌Schools can remove plastic drinking straws from the list of available utensils.
‌The class can commission plastic products, such as fruit cups, to start seedlings in the
‌Participants can use plastic spoons and forks as digging tools or for marking the location of specific plants. Plastic newspaper sleeves may act as tents that create a greenhouse effect when starting new plants.

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