Producer Responsibility Organisation In India

Producer Responsibility Organisation In India

Extended Producer Responsibility(EPR) has very holistic roles and integrated strategy aimed towards environment protection.EPR authorization guidelines are governed by CPCB. EPR claims that recycling is the responsibility of its producer. Not only is it a mandate in the E-waste management rules, 2016, but without operation, it’s essentially breaching the laws under the EPA, 1986.

There are 6 sub services that cover the bigger picture of being an Producers Responsibility Organisation PRO. This blog talks about plastic recycling and related PROs.

Proper management of the waste generated has been a matter of serious concern for policy makers. The authorities in the last decade has imposed the burden on the producers of these goods to be responsible for their end of-life management. The producer may also choose to delegate this responsibility to a third party, a so-called producer responsibility organization (‘PRO’), which is paid by the producer for used product management.

PRO is defined as a professional organization authorised or financed collectively or individually by producers, which can take the responsibility for collection and channelisation of waste generated from the ‘end-of-life’ of their products to ensure environmentally sound management of such waste. A PRO is a professional organization that helps Producers/Brand Owners meets their EPR targets through various processing technologies for plastic waste including MLP or its End of Life applications like Waste to Energy, Waste to fuel, Waste to Road and Waste to cement kiln in the country.

Laws Regarding PRO

 In India, the concept of PRO is categorised in two sectors that is

  • plastic waste management 
  • e-waste management.

Plastic Waste Management Rules, 2016, imposes primary burden on the producer for collection of waste plastic products. They need to develop strategies for collecting back the waste generated as residue of their products.

A PRO should specify its capacity for handling waste, which include capacity for collection, storage and recyclers with whom it has arrangement for recycling of such waste. A PRO should also be capable of channelizing plastic and electronic waste for meeting the collection targets of its Producers/Brand Owners.

Roles Of PRO

PROs work to achieve the following goals:

  • Achieving collection targets
  • Establishment of collection strategies
  • Implementation of buy back and take back.
  • Logistics arrangement
  • Establishment. of collection centers this may include setting up of collection godowns or operating through warehouses.
  • Ensuring Environmentally sound dismantling and recycling.
  • Helping producers in filing of quarterly/annual returns as per the rules.
  • Provide an extended producer’s responsibility plan as legally required.
  • Conducting awareness programme among consumer’s/bulk consumers/producers for collection and channelization waste.

Some Prominent PROs

Indian Pollution Control Association (IPCA)

Nepra Resource Management Pvt. Ltd. (NRMPL)

Nepra Environmental Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (NESPL)

GEM Enviro Management Pvt. Ltd. (GEMPL)

Shakti Plastic Industries (SPL)

Saahas Waste Management Pvt. Ltd. (SWMPL)

Kanak Resources Management Ltd. (KRML)

Among these, NEPRA RESOURCE MANAGEMENT PVT LTD’s deals with dry plastic waste.It COLLECTS dry waste from waste generators, SEGREGATES the recyclables and SENDS them to authorized recyclers.

It’s initiative ,Let’s Recycle ,is the largest waste management solution in India. They strategise to bring in environmental solutions that can help the communities and organizations to become sustainable.Let’s Recycle has formalized the Indian unregulated and unorganized waste management sector by sourcing waste from the marginalized waste pickers, ensuring long standing relationships by providing fair and transparent prices.

GEM Environment Management Pvt. Ltd. provides unique solution to yield maximum benefits out of trash and also fulfil EPR liability.

They facilitate recycling of all kinds of packaging waste and thus contribute towards cleaner and greener environment. They specialise in collection and aggregation of all packaging waste in a professional and organized manner backed by technology and offer Pan India services. They are backed by Ganesha Ecosphere limited (the largest PET recycling company in India with turnover of USD 100 million) for PET waste recycling and marketing and branding of the recycled yarn.

The blog concludes with a message of appreciation of PROs all around the country. Also, we as members of this society, should help in management of waste. The first step could be segregating dry and wet waste at home.

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