Plastic Waste Management Rules 2016

Plastic Waste Management has become the major concern of this era. The waste produced by plastics are getting increased day by day. Plastic Waste has become a major threat to our environment. Plastic Waste are non degradable substance and it is very arduous to remove plastic from environment. Plastic Waste are very dangerous when they are not disposed properly. In India daily tons of plastic waste are generated and out of which only a small amount of plastic is collected and processed and the rest is thrown outside carelessly which results in severe environment pollution. Burning Plastic is very dangerous as it releases toxic gases into the atmosphere which will affect human health.

Plastic waste destroys our water bodies and it also destroys the fertility of soil as these waste does not undergo decomposition and hence remains in the environment for many years.

Inorder to reduce and regulate plastic production, and waste generation, The Government of India has introduced “Plastic Waste Management Rules 2016”. The Main aim of this rule is to reduce the generation of Plastic waste by promoting recycling of plastic.

The main objective of the rule is to increase the thickness of plastic carry bags from 40 microns to 50 microns which will facilitate easy collection and recycle. The rule also recommends 50 microns thickness for Plastic sheets. The rule ensures that the producers and generators take responsibility in Plastic Waste Management. The rule also suggests that the producers and generators should introduce collect back system. The rule has introduced Plastic Waste Management fee for producers for waste generation. The rule holds local body, Grama Panchayath, manufacturers, importers, producers responsible for the proper management of plastic waste. The rule also promotes the use of plastic waste in road laying, energy production etc .

The rules have been set forward by the government to make sure that the use and managemnet of plastic is properly done and to make our world a better place.

Lets make sure that this is the big step in many steps in ensuring the protection for our future generation.

Jai Hind.

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