Plastic waste management in the UK

Around the United Kingdom, waste management is done by providing a plastic recycling compilation. It is done by the council of local authorities. The plastic collected for recycling is called the post-consumer plastic which is provided to the recycling division. For the last 25 years, the amount of plastic collected for recycling has increased potentially.

Recycling system

At the recycling base, the plastic is segregated depending on the type of polymer used for the making. It is then shredded and contaminants like paper are removed, then melted back into polymer pellets. The pellets are sold off for the reuse by different industries for new products.

Recycling plastic and Waste hierarchy.

The waste framework directive the procedure of how plastic waste should be dealt with. The procedure of recycling, reuse and reduce is an efficient and sustainable way of redemption of the resources.

Prevention – Reducing resources used in the manufacture and ensuring products last for a long time by using less material too.

Reuse: repairing, cleaning, refurbishing and checking.

Recovery: Incineration for producing energy, anaerobic digestion by microbs, gasification and pyrolysis to produce fuel, heat or power.

Disposal: Landfill or incineration without production of energy recovery.

Why is waste management important in a largely urban country?

The plastic usage and waste grow at a rate of 8.4 per cent annually. As the plastic is found in everyday living essentials and requirements. The increase in the usage of plastic increases the production of plastic. Hence it’s a repetitive cycle which is difficult to avoid. Urban Development of a country requires daily necessities. Most of them from kids toys to a buisness man’s pen is made of plastic. The best way to reduce is to recycle and reuse.

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