Plastic Waste Management in a City

Plastic Waste Management in a City

Blue and green coloured dustbins are found almost everywhere in our locality. You get to see garbage scattered around the filled dustbin in some places. Cattel, street dogs, cats and crows are also found near the dustbin. I think you get a little idea of waste management in our locality.

Our local authority has taken some steps for waste management as per guideline of Plastic Waste Management Rules 2016. Door to door collection of wastes, placing dustbins in public areas, ban of single use plastic are for example. We separate our waste as dry and wet as per the guideline of the local authority. But there is no separate compartment for wet and dry wastes in vehicle of the waste picker. So there is no meaning of segregation. At the end both are mixed. There are separate dustbins for two types waste along the roadside. For dry waste it is blue colour and for wet it is green colour. But the wastes in the bins are not segregated. All wastes from bins and from waste pickers are collected and took to dump yard by loading in trucks. In some places door to door collection is not provided. People pack the waste in a polythene and throw it to near empty land or drains. Recyclable plastics are sold to the Kabadiwala. In one word non recyclable plastic waste goes to landfill and water bodies.

It is not the problem of our city. According to annual report of the Indian government’s Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, 90% of total generation of solid waste is collected and out of the collected waste 20% is treated and remain 80% goes to dump yard. Metro cities like Delhi and Mumbai are also not managing the waste properly. Many mountains of wastes are found in dump yards. The day will not so far that a mountain of garbage will reach the height of monuments like Qutub Minar or Taj Mahal. People live near dump yard suffer from many diseases due to toxic gas from dump yard. If they protest, authority only transfer the dump yard to another place.

In our city groups of people are spreading awareness. Flyers are distributed to segregate the waste, keep the city clean. We clean our city and then dump the waste in dump yard. It is like we are hiding our faults. Remember we are throwing plastic waste from our house, not from our life.

As per environmentalist waste management is one of the simplest of our environmental issue and it can be solved. Cleanest city Indore has created an example for other cities. The goal of zero waste can be achieved with the effort of local authority, NGOs, private agencies and responsible citizens.

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