Plastic Survey

As we continue to be dependent on plastic every single day, the negative impact is becoming more apparent than before. On surveying some of my friends and family about the miracle material, I was exposed to various different predispositions, opinions, and solutions. Much aware of how convenient the polymer has made life by being ubiquitous, everyone still seemed to agree upon the fact that plastic pollution is a menacing global issue. While some blame the population growth and relentless use, others continue to blame the lack of bans and regulations. Thus, the need for action can never be stressed enough until we reach our goal of sustainability.

In reality, we are acutely aware of the exact causes and consequences of the linear model of ‘take, make, dispose’. Accounting for about half of the global plastic waste, plastic packaging is often thrown away within just a few minutes of its first use. Taking thousands of years to decompose, single-use plastic waste definitely does not help the situation. Thus, the will to make a difference and commitment to reverse the 60 years of misuse of plastic is required to undo the damage. Solutions are being developed and scaled, initiatives are being taken, and regulations are being put in place, and all we need to do is emerge ourselves in the process to combat the crisis.

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