Plastic Packaging in Online Shopping

Plastic Packaging in Online Shopping

As age changes, different method of trading is adopted in the society. Now in this modern age online shopping is very popular. Traditional shopping changes to online shopping. Local market is replaced with online market. Small ring to furniture available on online. Plants to books are also available. We don’t need to go anywhere. Just tap on phone and thing will be delivered at our doorstep. In busy life we don’t have time to go to market. There are many more options to choose. During festive season offers are also available. We don’t have to bargain with shopkeeper. We save our money and time. And what about the nature that impacted by the plastic used in packaging of the product?

Products before delivering at your doorstep, ship from one hub centre to another. To avoid damages during transportation products are packed with bubble wrappers, plastic wrappers, zip bags, cardboard boxes. Some time exact size of cardboard box is not available for the product. So, to fill the space extra plastic air pillows are used. Retailers send orders from different location. Hence there are separate packaging for every product you ordered. But when you shop from local market, one carry bag can be used for carrying many products. A small ring which can be carried in your purse, is also delivered with plastic packaging. Cardboard boxes can be sold to kabadiwala. But what about plastic packaging? After delivering we throw the package to dustbins. Then the plastic waste ends up with landfill. As e commerce is growing, plastic waste is also burdening.

According to Plastic Management Rules 2016, under Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) manufactures collect back their plastic wastes generate due to their product. Under this rule e-commerce companies are also included. Amazon has started taking steps like replacement of bubble wrappers and air pillows with paper cushions. Amazon India has eliminated single use plastics from its 50 production centres in India. Other e-commerce companies have also started recognising the environmental issues and are trying to bring sustainability in their supply chain.

Most people prefer online shopping over traditional shopping. But there is no need of buying everything from online. Take out some time from your busy schedule and walk to your local market. Shop from local shopkeepers and help them in earning. Please give up your comfort zone for our mother earth.

Plastic packaging keep our products safe, but not our ecosystem.

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