Plastic management

In my last few posts, I have focused on institutes and their responsibility towards environment and I have basically emphasized that individuals need to take a more proactive approach towards this seeing that their influence is vast but that is not to say that the role of the people is secondary. That is not the case. As individuals, we are under the view that our role or our significance is negligible. We are a tiny speck in this vast universe after all. How will any activity we do provide any significance whatsoever to anyone. This is an understandable notion. But we need to remember than tiny grains of sand makes up a beach and millions of neurons makes up our brain and malfunction in one of them gives rise to serious consequences. My point being apart from being philosophical is that our action while it might seem minisucle in grand scheme of things is still as significant as that neuron in a brain which is needed to function. Therefore, the same way our actions are needed to function for us as a species. One Paulo Coelho novel which I read said that earth is way too powerful for it to be destroyed and if we overstep our boundaries (which we have come close) it might just destroy us. A grim but a probable scenario so for the future survival of our species, take your duty towards environment critically. Practice proper plastic management and don’t shun environment problems under the mat.

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