Plastic made its way in space

Well, this article will completely change your way how you used to look at plastic waste and polythene bags that you used to throw daily in waste……

Great minds of NASA scientist recently invented a new material named RXF1 which is used for making space suits for astronauts who will be joining missions for mars and this hard polymer material is made up of polythene bags only….. Yes polythene bags, polythene acted as a game changer for scientist around globe with this discovery as many scientists believe that this fiber named RXF1 is way more durable and provides better shielding property than aluminium and is way lighter than aluminium fiber.

Many great minds working for space agencies like ISRO, NASA, SPACE X believe that aluminium can only protect astronauts from space radiations till an extent, but outside earth, s magnetic field space radiations become toxic, so at that level polythene is best polymer compound that can be used to protect astronauts…

Well, this was all about space suits but do you guys know how plastic waste can be utilized for us?

One of the best use of plastic is for making traffic cones as kilograms of plastic is used for making some traffic cones and this method can widely be used for making traffic cones and this way can utilize million tonnes of plastic waste for making these traffic cones which can reduce plastic pollution.

Another good way of utilizing plastic is for using it to make affordable kitchenware and for that plastic waste can easily be utilized for making cutting boards, cutting boards, laundry room, mixing bowls at cheap rate which can easily be affordable by everyone.

So this might change your vision towards plastic waste around you and now you might also start utilizing all that plastic we used to throw out, so let’s take an oath to not to throw plastic out and save our environment by utilizing plastic and stopping further manufacturing of plastic and polythene in order to save our planet.

an image showing how polythene can be used to make diy bench
pulley wheel made up of recycles high density polythene

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