Plastic ban in my city.

Alappuzha is one of the most beautiful districts of Kerala is famous for houseboat cruises, backwaters, and paddy fields. Alappuzha continues to maintain it’s position as the cleanest town in the state. But the situation of the backwaters and canals is not like that. People are throwing plastic waste into these water sources which will result in marine pollution and will affect the aquatic animals. A complete ban on plastic waste will have a lot of advantages in our city as it will reduce water pollution. Like the two sides of a coin plastic ban will have its own advantages and disadvantages. People are not using plastic bags nowadays. The shops switched to paper bags and cloth bags. So a complete ban of plastic will not affect us that much. The main issue comes with the food items which have plastic wrappers. If plastic is banned completely these food items must be produced with wrappers which are not plastic. It will increase the cost of the products and people will not be able to afford them. Also the plastic water bottles, if it is also banned people will find a lot of difficulties.

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