Plastic and our biodiversity

Plastic and our biodiversity

Biodiversity refers to the sum total of different types of microbes, plants, and animals present in our nature. Our earth has already witnessed many mass destructions of species due to natural calamities. Scientists are now alerting us that we are moving towards another extinction because we humans are exploiting our biodiversity. Conservation of biodiversity has become the need of the hour. Plastic waste has become one of the major threats to biodiversity. Plastics are non-degradable substances that will not degrade naturally and will affect our nature’s stability. The majority of plastic waste is thrown carelessly into our water bodies and it results in water pollution. The marine animals and fishes will consume these plastic waste and it leads to their death. Plastic must be disposed properly. Most of the people burn plastic in an open space. This is very dangerous because plastic is made up of petrochemicals and when these are burnt lots of poisonous gas are being emitted and our air gets polluted. Inhaling of these poisonous gas will make humans prone to several diseases like lung infections, cancer, etc. Plastic is also very dangerous to our soil as these will remain in our Earth for many years and will destroy the fertility of our soil. Plastic is very dangerous to our biodiversity. It is very essential to conserve our biodiversity. People are not worried about the climate changes and other issues happening all around the world. They forget the fact that it is because of them our earth faces a lot of troubles. People are exploiting our biodiversity. we must reduce our plastic usage. We should practice eco-friendly methods like the three R’s, Eco bricking, plastic craftwork, etc to conserve our biodiversity for our future generation.

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