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Producer Responsibility Organizations in India

Objectives of Extended Producer Responsibility have been the essence of most policies and legislation which…

Waste Treatment and management in my community

It's not hard to say that this decade has seen a sudden growth in plastic…

Ecobricks : A Little Contribution

Plastic has become a part of our life. We use it and throw it. Then…
Plastic management

Plastic management

In my last few posts, I have focused on institutes and their responsibility towards environment…
My experience with eco brick

My experience with eco brick

An ecobrick is a plastic bottle stuffed with used, clean and dry non-biodegradable waste to…
Extended Producer Responsibility and it’s anatomy

Extended Producer Responsibility and it’s anatomy

Humans are growing responsible towards the use and disposal of plastic as they are being…

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Ecobricks: A DIY

Wastes are not always harmful. If we know how to manage them, they can be converted into wealth. From kitchen wastes we make composts. By selling recyclable plastics, newspapers, cardboards to kabadiwala we earn some pocket-money. But what

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