Let me walk you
through the journey lane of Tarumitra
A journey of :
Igniting eco-sensitivity

Back in 1988 when very few people discussed environmental problems on a serious note, high schools students from several schools came together under the banner of Leadership Training for Service (LTS), a students’ leadership programme. A Jesuit Fr. Robert Athickal addressed them on the growing menace of the ecological crisis. The students under the leadership of Anindo Banerjee, a IX Class student from the local Loyola High school decided to take out a rally to spread awareness on the environmental problems. The director of LTS, Fr. Jose Chirackal gave the necessary support and a massive rally took off on 1 Oct 1998.

The LTS students later sat down with Fr. Jose to evaluate the rally and Anindo suggested that they formed a separate forum to carry on the ecological campaigns. This was met with total support. Anindo suggested the name, Tarumitra meaning “Friends of Trees.” The group organised a few programmes in the same year and Fr. Robert Athickal guided the students through a period of groping for moorings and soul searching.

The Turning Point :