Our future with plastic

Well so far among 2000 years we Homo Sapien Sapien are the smartest species around globe, still not understand idea of inventing a toxin for our mother nature that is plastic.

This is pic of someone on earth holding earth in a plastic bag which shows we humans most intelligent species can only control our fortune.

There are 20,000 different kinds of species in our oceans which makes approx 3500,000,000,000 fishes in our oceans. According to a survey till 2050 if we continue to use this toxin for our mother nature which is so called plastic, there will be more plastic in ocean than fishes and this sounds like a real horror. And if this condition arrives then we will loose dozens of species of fishes which will disturb our ecological balance which will lead to a condition where earth no more will support life.

This pic clearly illustrates example of what if till 2050 plastic exceeds number of fishes in ocean.

How can we stop this plastic

Many nations like India,Russia,USA…etc came forward to stop this terrible toxin and many organisations are under progress for cleaning ocean and water bodies in order to reduce this plastic pollution.

And as an individual level we should continue use of paper bag rather than using plastic ones .

This is a pic of a paper bag which is disposable and ecofriendly.

So best way to reduce plastic pollution is to stop using plastic bags and start using paper bag or reusable cloth bag….Becsause change starts from one sot let’s change ourselves to change this world and transform it into a better place.

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