Online shopping and plastic packaging

Online shopping and plastic packaging

E-commerce has become the fastest-growing enterprises in the world. People find it more easy to buy things via online rather than going for a traditional shopping because we can easily purchase anything from anywhere by simply sitting in our homes. Like the two sides of a coin Online shopping has its own merits and drawbacks. One of the major drawback of online shopping is the plastic packaging in which things are delivered. Most of these plastic packages are not handled properly they are thrown away carelessly which will affect our environment very seriously. In online shopping most products are handled up to 20 or 25 times before it reaches our hand. In order to protect the products from damaging the companies use plastic packaging like bubble wrap, Styrofoam, and massive cardboard boxes – most of which will go straight to a landfill. It is very essential that e-commerce business must set up a new mode of packaging by avoiding plastic packaging. They must switch on to eco-friendly packaging as it will help to reduce their business carbon footprint as well as reduce their cost of shipping also. Online shopping sites like Amazon has shifted to new ways of packaging as a response to the complaint about difficult to open/overly packaged products. Now more than 75,000 products items are now shipped using small and more efficient packaging. Firms like Alibaba , Dell has also switched to eco friendly packaging.

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  1. This is something I always think of! While some online selling platforms make use of eco friendly packagings in foreign countries, plastic is used for the same purpose by the same platforms in India. This is annoying and it should be changed.

  2. This is truly above and beyond.

  3. Precise and lucid language. Excellent!

  4. It is very essential that we should avoid plastic inorder to save our nature.

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