Neem Tree

Neem, when you here about it, you will get a bitter taste if you have used its twigs for chewing. It is a tree of versatility, symbol of strength as it could withstand any situation even sever drought except extreme cold and waterlog. It can be used from its birth and continues after its death.

Neem is an evergreen tree but it also sheds nearly all of its leaves during a sever drought. Its branches are wide spreading and the canopy can reach a diameter of 20 – 25 meters. Its trunk can reach a height of 15 – 30 meters.

Plantation :

It is usually grown by seeds but can also be propagated by root suckers and cutting. It can be planted in any location except for those areas which have extremely low temperature and are flood prone.

Some Special Facts :

Common Name : Neem, Margosa.

Scientific Name : Azadirachta indica

Height : 15 meters – 30 meters.

Trunk Diameter : 30 cm – 80 cm.

Canopy Diameter : 20 meters – 25 meters.

Lifespan : 150 – 200 years.

Flowers : Its Flowers are white and fragrant which can grow 25 cm in length.

Fruits : Its fruits are smooth, olive like and tastes bitter when unripe as well as when ripe.

Uses :

As stated above this plant is a versatile i.e. it has many uses.

Medicinal : Neem leaves mashed and can be turned into paste which can be used a antiseptic on wounds. Its leaves are also in the treatment of leprosy, eye disorders, bloody nose, intestinal worms, upset stomach, ulcers, etc.

Warning : Long term and excess use of neem leaves and tea could lead to kidney failure and liver damage. It could lead to death in small children. It could also cause miscarriage, infertility, low blood sugar, etc. So as far no prescribed dosage is present

Consumable : Its tender shoots and flowers are eaten in many parts of India. They are generally added to soup which is famous in Tamil Nadu. Its young leaves are fried and eaten as appetizers. According to Ayurveda neem tea is useful for our body as it is rich in antioxidants and could treat several stomach issues.

Timber : Its trunk is straight and can be used in furniture making. Furniture made out of neem wood is termite resistive which has a long durability and can stand against different weather and pest. Its twigs are used chewing and cleaning of teeth.

Pest Control : It is a key ingredient in natural pesticides. Since it is natural so can be replaced with synthetic ones. When its oil is mixed with fertilizer, it works in nitrogen fixation, reduces the growth of weed in nearby areas and also reduces chances of infection in crops.

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