There are many people who want to do their part for the environment but don’t know what exactly to do. This Christmas, I got to know about something which will prove to be very beneficial for the environment and that is ‘eco bricking.’ And I assure you, my experience of it was really worth it.

So first let me tell you what eco bricking exactly is. Eco bricking is a process of storing used plastics ( mainly one-time use plastics) in a plastic bottle. The bottles in which the plastic is stored are known as ecobricks.They serve as reusable building blocks and can be used to make furniture etc.

At my first week at footprints, I was told to conduct this process. At first I thought that it was a very boring process but when I watched videos and read articles about it I got really excited. In my opinion, this is the cheapest and easiest method of environment protection.

I started putting in plastic packets of chips, chocolates and many more things like that in a plastic bottle. You can use either a coca cola bottle or a pepsi bottle or anything of that sort. Though there wasn’t anything amusing to watch, but there was a sense of satisfaction in what I was doing. My mother too started helping me and she too was really supportive of this whole process. She told me that this process is something that even the poorest and the most backward classes can adopt.

Eco bricking is something that everyone must try. In an era where housing and construction are being carried out on a large scale, we need to understand the difference between a luxury and a necessity i.e houses and malls can be built later but nature once lost can never be retrieved again.

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