My experience with Ecobricking

My experience with Ecobricking

An enormous amount of plastic waste are being generated on our planet every year. Plastic is made from petrochemicals which are very dangerous to our environment. Plastic doesn’t get degraded easily. Plastic will lay for many years over the soil and water resources and it will slowly get break down into smaller and smaller pieces that will be consumed by plants, fishes, and animals that we eat. The consumption of these will cause numerous hazardous diseases like cancer, hormonal imbalances, etc. Collecting plastic waste to a dumping site is not a solution for plastic waste management. The best solution for this issue is eco bricking. Eco bricking, this term seems to be a new one for most of us. Like many of you, I was also unfamiliar with the idea of Eco bricking. It was from my mentor Mr. Darshan I came to know about eco bricking and it’s benefits. Eco bricking refers to the process of packing plastic bottles with used plastic in order to make building blocks that can be reused again and again. Ecobricks are created as an effective method to reduce the littering of plastic waste. The major advantage of eco bricking is that when we pack the plastic waste inside the bottle the tightly with the cap it will not be eaten by any animals and thereby we can avoid many harmful effects. My experience with eco bricking was very interesting. I was very happy to make one but the main issue was I couldn’t find much plastic in my house as my mother doesn’t promote plastic bags. She usually collects plastic waste in the kit and handles it to the volunteers of the Green army. I was very eager to make one so I have taken some plastic waste from the bag in which my mother collects plastic. First I have cut it into small pieces then I have cleaned and dried it. Then I started to pack the plastic into a bottle using a stick. After that, I have secured it with a cap and my ecobrick was ready. I was really happy to see the output as I too have made one which was a lifesaver idea for plastic waste management. We have to consider some important things while making ecobrick. We must only use non-biodegradable materials only. Otherwise, bacteria will grow in the bottle. I suggest that all of you must try eco bricking. I am sure that it can make wonders on our environment.

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