My experience with eco brick

An ecobrick is a plastic bottle stuffed with used, clean and dry non-biodegradable waste to create a reusable building block – think those flimsy plastic bags used to carry fruit and vegetables, cling film, biscuit and candy wraps, silvery packets, etc. Ecobricks can also be packed with other non-biological, un-recyclables that uncontained, are toxic to the environment (i.e. stryrofoam, wires, small batteries, to name a few). Ecobricks can be used to make modular furniture, garden spaces and full scale buildings such as schools and houses. The idea of ecobricks originally started in Guatemala as a means of clamping down on the plastic waste that was building up around lakes and other nature sites. In 2019, this idea spread across the world with Ecobrick schools popping up worldwide.

This in the picture is my little ecobrick which is made by collecting all the plastic bags I had into a plastic bottle. My experience with it has been very easy and hygienic. It helps me get rid of all the tiresome tiny plastic pieces and polyethylenes that pile up here and there. With all these bits compiled into one place, cleaning the house becomes effortless. If you don’t have an idea as to how to make an ecobrick, just follow these simple steps :

  1. Sort out all your rubbish to recycle what you can. At the end, you will be left with non recyclable items.
  2. Grab an empty two liter cold drink bottle from the recycle center if you don’t have one already.
  3. Using a long stick/dowel stick, squish all that non recyclable items into the bottle making sure to compress it as much as possible everytime.
  4. Keep going until your ecobrick is full at the end, when you squeeze it, it needs to be so solid that there’s only about 5% space for air. Your ecobrick is ready.

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