My eco-brick experience

So most people don’t know about eco-bricks, according to me they are medicine to save environment in the most effective way ever possible. And as I made my first eco-brick, that experience completely blew my mind ……I mean we can use eco-brick for many architectural purposes which not only will reduce plastic pollution around our neighborhood but also will help people for coming with many innovative ideas.

My first eco-brick

As I went out for making my first eco-brick some of my neighborhood friends came to me asking what I am doing out of a plastic bottle and waste. And as I explained them about eco-brick, method of making it, and its uses they all made their own eco-brick and after 2-3 days we tried to aware our neighbors for making eco-brick so that waste from our area will be disposed completely, as it is not easy to convince everyone , not all my neighbors but some came out and helped us in cleaning waste from our area and turning it into bricks for some infrastructure which we call as eco-brick.

Another idea of me for making multiple farming system.

Being Indian is all about finding some new techniques for daily use, and above mentioned picture is my idea that I am using to grow multiple flowers in single bottle using one plastic bottle and4-5 waste coffee cups. The method mentioned above is very easy you just need a plastic bottle make 2-3 holes in it which should be somewhat greater than base of coffee cups, then make a hole in cups and insert a cotton thread inside the water bottle, then place come soil on cotton bed and then place some seeds on soil bed. As you fill water in water bottle, cotton threads will absorb water and by their capillary action that water will be transferred to soil where seeds will start germinating . This method will help enormously for developing multiple crops or plants in same time and no additional cost will be required for this garden system as it is made up of waste only……So lets innovate.

My gym freak friend made his own home gym using plastic bottles , as I don’t have his pic so I am using this from google

Yes, my friend made dumbbells out of plastic bottles and they were quite heave, he took two bottles filled sand,concrete,stones and some water in both bottles and took a rod of 8-9 inches and inserted in mouth of both bottles which helped him in making his own home gym.

So as we say “where there is will there is a way” so let’s innovate our way of utilizing plastic and convert it into some usable thing, after all this is our planet so let’s save it .

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