Microplastics- threat to polar life

So far we’ve melted many icebergs in our north and south poles and bingo reason is our activities only. And do you guys know that even plastic is responsible for melting of icebergs …….. Yes, you heard it right, but how?

Well, plastic waste is not only about polythene bags, plastic bottles….etc. But even microplastics are a threat to the environment and they are ten billion percent harmful then usual plastic, microplastics are not any specific kind of plastic but are plastic fragments which are less than 5 mm in length.

Pic showing size of microplastics.

Microplastics are so harmful that they can cause many health disorders and even can cause choking and can kill you. Daily tons of microplastics fragments are washed down in water bodies and some gets clogged in gut of marine fishes and we catch them and eat them, which apparently makes us sick too.

How it is a threat to life in poles?

Van Sebille hypothesis is a thesis which states that water from all other bodies travels to the southernedge of arctic ocean because northbound water cools and sinks there and even gravitational force plays an important role in circulation of water towards different poles an, always thermally active water water moves towards low temp areas. And this transport of water towards poles also carries many microplastics fragments with itself towards the arctic pole.

And then these fragments of microplastics are consumed by the fauna of arctic which affects their metabolism, in a negative way and kills them by blocking their respiratory and digestive tracts. And sometimes this plastic gets struck in icebergs which in turn results in gain of thermal energy as these plastic pieces absorbs and radiates energy and results in breakdown of several icebergs.

Many of you might be thinking how microplastics fragments that are smaller than a spider can melt massive icebergs and arctic ice. Well, there is a famous quote in Hindi language ‘boond boond se sagar banta hai’ which means several small droplets of water makes an ocean, so let’s take this as a warning because most of the earth is covered by water bodies and if this rate remained same soon there will be huge surge in rising of water in ocean which will eventually lead to floods and tsunamis. And these are highly devastating.

Just look at this even arctic is not safe from plastic.
And look at this how arctic sea ice melted from years

So let’s not ignore signs our mother Earth is giving us and lets stop usage of plastic

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