Marine Debris Tracker

Marine Debris Tracker

Technology is a boon to humankind, helping us in unimaginable ways. When I first came to know about an app called Marine Debris Tracker, I was awestruck. Thousands of questions rushed through my mind and that’s when I decided to download it to educate myself about its features.

The Marine Debris Tracker mobile app is a joint initiative between the NOAA Marine Debris Program and the Southeast Atlantic Marine Debris Initiative, run out of the University of Georgia College of Engineering. The tracker is very efficient and helps its users to make a difference by checking in when you find trash along coastlines and waterways. This feature is incredible as it helps people in getting involved in a local and global collection of data. It is beneficial for anybody who wants to use data to understand the marine debris problem at their local beach. The user can select a customized loss from any of the 25 plus organizations shown that are available in multiple languages along with different debris-specific sections for categorizing and tracking items. The user can then easily view the Top Trackers for that specific list. Users can track debris picked up anywhere across the country, even a stream or a waterway (since litter tracking is not restricted for the coasts). The app very skillfully records the debris location through GPS and then allows the user to select their favorite debris item. They can then add a description to an item, even add photos of debris items to document with their log, and then view the data on their phones. Registration is required for submitting the data to SEa-MDI’s Marine Debris Tracker Website as well as tracking statistics posted in real-time.

To conclude, it’s an amazing app with easy features. If you’re an environment enthusiast, it’s a must-have! Download the app easily through your iOS store or Google Play and start your tracking journey!

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