Marine Debris Tracker App

Marine Debris Tracker App

Being an ubiquitous substance in the ocean, plastic poses to be a great threat to marine life, along with being responsible for affecting the human food chain and the economy too. Hence, intercepting marine debris proves much better than dealing with the consequences downstream.

The Marine Debris Tracker app, developed by Kyle Johnsen, strives towards the purpose of  creating an extensive understanding of marine debris and plastic pollution. Identifying and reporting waste from literally anywhere, is now possible. Being available on both, Android and iPhone, makes it easier to access. While the uploading does require 3G/wi-fi/cell signal, the tracking can be done without the same. By marking items found, they can then be added to the database on submission.

After signing up and validating your email, you can get ready to start over a session. On finding and adding items, three options would pop up on your screen: ‘save session’, ‘email CSV’, and ‘edit session survey’. If service is not available, choose to go for any of them; or else, press submit. Furthermore, you are then presented with the option of spreading the word by posting a story about the submission made. Add a picture, add a map, and post!

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