Loss of Forest in Mumbai and the Role of Metro on it.

Loss of Forest in Mumbai and the Role of Metro on it.

Environmentalists, hence, have expressed alarm and termed the move to set up a parking lot for metro trains, by destroying a crucial green lung, as irresponsible. The consequences, of climate change could be devastating, they warn. Mumbai, with one of the highest amount of sprawl, is heading towards a complete urban disaster. Basic amenities such as water and vegetation for pure air will be almost non-existent if planners do not take note and stop unplanned urbanisation and outgrowth in the urban periphery.

Aarey belt

In a petition to the prime minister and Maharashtra’s chief minister through Change organisation environmental activists have been protesting against the commercialization of Aarey. “The Save Aarey campaign has been requesting the government to relocate the (metro rail) car shed to an alternative location. (“Aarey’), a green belt with over 5,00,000 trees, a rarity in the concrete city. The construction of a metro car depot on the flood plains of the Mithi river at Aarey for expansion of metro services in the city received much wrath from environment activists, citizens and even courts for cutting down 2,600 trees overnight. While there is a stay on cutting more trees until the matter is sub-judice, the construction work of the Metro Project was not stopped, until the outbreak of a worldwide pandemic, COVID-19 or Coronavirus.

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