Let’s be cleanest city

Results of Swachh Survekshan 2020 are already released and 4th time in a row Indore (Madhya Pradesh) has secured tag of the cleanest city consecutively.

Well but how such a crowded city with 3,017,000 people can be cleanest …..

Well, let’s discuss principles that leaders of Indore used to make their city’s cleanest…

Formulae of success.

  1. Formulae number one of the municipal corporation of Indore used to collect garbage by providing door to door service and collecting wet and dry garbage in separate containers.
  2. Many localities of Indore are adapting methods to make compost out of waste.
  3. Banning the use of polyethylene is best measure that people of Indore came up with.
  4. People who chew pan masala and tobacco started carrying their personal dustbin in which they spit out all waste instead or throwing it on the road.
  5. The Bhramastr that corporation Indore used was to set up Biomethane plants where methane gas was used to generate electricity.

Well, if people of Indore can make their city cleanest, then we should also take oath to clean out city and aware youth to start campaign’s to clean our city after all clean city is the safest city and as we as an individual should start working on it as soon as possible because it is never too late to start something good.

Cleanest city Indore

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