Israel’s technique

Can we use plastic and other waste as a treasure for our use, looks like a tough task but a company from Israel named UBQ is turning trash into usable products……..

But how ?

So let’s have a look at what happens in Israel …………… Everyday tons of mixed waste is disposed in front of a factory instead of sending that waste for landfills, that waste comprises of plastic waste,food leftovers, electronic waste..etc.Then this mound of waste is chopped,shredded, cleaned and heated forming dense liquid of plastic which is then mounted into everyday usable items such as plastic trays,packing items …etc.

Utilizing waste into important material.

Well whole world is facing disastrous events due to tons of waste which is not easily disposable due to a waste weapon named ‘plastic’ . When imposed in landfills plastic items take almost 1000 years to decompose completely and till then,that waste will kill fertility rate of soil. Everyday disposing this hazardous waste into landfills will decrease the amount of porosity of soil which will evidently kill microorganism which are responsible for nitrogen fixation inside soil and eventually will lead to soil erosion and will lead to floods during rain , and will increase spread of diseases.

So why not adapt the measure that UBQ from Israel is using, which is to utilize waste and turn it into source of income which not only will help us to strengthen our economy and will save millions of species from becoming extinct globally.

So let’s adapt the change and let’s go for renovation , let’s pledge to save our planet.

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