Individuals vs Institutes

In my last post, I discussed how educational institutes and corporate organization can go a long way towards generating awareness about environment by having proper waste management methods. Usually environment activists or Eco-activists spend a long time protesting against the laws related to environment with regards to institutes. In this noise, I think that the attention gets diverted from the responsibility that individuals have. More often than not individuals are a game changer for any movement as they get more involved and have liability and responsibility of their own selves. The same can not be said to be true of institutes who have to reply to their various stakeholders with regards to any new decisions they make. This has long term implications for the save the environment movement. All the attention of the government has been directed to correcting the policies of organizations. This has taken away the spotlight which should have been directed towards the citizens of the nation. It should be impressed upon the individuals their significance in any action they might take. Most of the times the individual entity is under the impression that the act they perform is minuscule in the grand scheme of things so why perform it. This is exactly the sort of thinking that needs to be changed. We cannot expect big changes from the institute when we have not impressed upon the individuals their responsibility in it all. After all, individuals are an essence in an organization

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