India’s demand of plastic

Having uncovered numerous uses, it would not be news that plastic is one of the fastest growing sectors in the Indian economy. The per capita consumption is keeping up with rapid pace by which the demand in various sectors, including packaging, electronics, healthcare and medical industry, agriculture, automobile, machinery, construction, textile, and FMCGs, is rising. To meet the input requirements, different sectors require a large variety of plastic raw materials which can be classified broadly as commodity, engineering and specialty plastics.  

Along with rising urbanisation and policy relaxations that fuel growth, the Indian Plastic Industry also faces immense pressure due to lack of technology and environmental challenges associated with the polymer. Adoption of ‘waste to wealth mechanisms’, like conversion of plastic waste to fuel for domestic and industrial purposes, will foster innovative management of plastic waste.

Furthermore, with the never-ending needs of the human race alongside the makeshift and resourceful nature of Indians, applications of plastic have undoubtedly risen. While being pocket-friendly, impervious to water, versatile, lightweight, and weather, corrosion and impact resistant, the plastic industry is able to contribute to nearly every daily requirement which is clothing, housing, construction, furniture, automobiles, household items, agriculture, packaging, medical appliances, and electronics.

Despite all the benefits we get to reap out of this ‘wonder material’, we must not forget the threat it poses to our ecosystem, communities, and human and non-human life. Thus, the judicial use becomes all the more crucial for a sustainable future.

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