India is urged to put a stop on coal by the UN Secretary.

Antonio Guterres, Secretary General of the United Nations, said that coal use and fossil fuel subsidies must repress in India with no establishment of new coal-fired power stations further. Instead, an urge to shift the focus on the global climate crisis is essential and that is by quickening the shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy. But the government has been reluctant and continues to focus on the new coal project clearly stating that the developed countries must hold a responsibility for carbon emissions. Gutteres rejected the stance because that would just make India suffer pollution and illness if they continue to depend on coal and fossil fuels.

Generation of renewable energy is now cheaper than operating 39% of the world’s existing coal capacity because wind and solar electricity have become affordable. According to the UN, this particular thought will increase 60% of existing capacity in the next two years.

UN chief also warned the Chinese government about the usage of coal, the adverse effects on climate and calling for an end of investment in coal-fired power plants. Gutteres also said that renewables offer jobs at a greater perspective. Renewables are cheaper and lucrative. He focuses on reviving momentum of climate breakdown that was lost due to Covid-19 Pandemic.

Some Nations offered help to stricken industries such as aviation and car making without attaching green strings or conditions that would require curtailing emissions. Indian and Chinese governments are in a notion that plans regarding deploying the coal-fired power generation would hike economy and create jobs. Climate experts worry that would not be the case as it could seal high-emissions infrastructure for decades and destroy hope of establishing clean air.

Fatih Birol, the chief of International Energy Agency, said that we have only six months to change the direction and Guterres has been urging to make a difference to forsake fossil fuels and forge a “Green recovery”.

Navroz Dubash said that Gutteres was right but repressing coal use in India will be complex as new renewable jobs would not replace existing jobs. India needs to actively plan the future and livelihood without shifting and other countries could focus on renewables.

Yannick Glemarec said the low oil price will give an opportunity to phase fossil fuel subsidies out and recycle them to soften the impact.

China and India will be participating at the UNCop26 summit next year, when all the nations have to come up with the a stern commitment to curb green house gases and to control the temperature rise.

India can be a true global superpower in this fight against climate change if it speeds up its shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy. Renewable energy such as solar energy needs to be considered and coal use must be completely phased out by taking up climate positive actions and choices such as ending fossil fuel subsidies, placing a price on carbon pollution & committing to no coal projects after 2020 hence paving way for smarter, stronger, cleaner economies which is the key to universal energy access, poverty alleviation, and a green transition as we recover from the pandemic helping strive towards carbon neutrality.

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