Habit change for plastic culture

An agricultural recycling programme reduces the reliance on the landfills of the farm, the burning of barrels and minimizes the amount of waste from agricultural plastic products entering landfill systems. Also, producers can save a lot of capital by recycling agricultural plastics, since they would be avoiding the rates due to the transfer station. Everyday more people join those who support these types of programs that benefit producers, residents and the agricultural industry in general. There are other alternatives to recycling such as the use of biodegradable plastics for mulching, an option that could be sustainable because it is less invasive, greener and helps to significantly reduce the amount of agricultural waste as a result of the use of plastics. However, there are some factors that farmers must keep in mind, such as some regulations that allow the use of biodegradable mulching as long as the materials used in their manufacture have a 100% biological base.

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