Farming with plastic waste

Oops, looks like above heading is quite creepy …….But it is true, did you guys know that we can grow plants at home using plastic bottles and waste disposable cups …..But, how?

An idea used by some genius minds to utilize plastic bottles in order to plant a kitchen garden

Ok, so kitchen gardens are gardens that one can develop at home for commercial or personal uses, like crops we purchase from markets are not always fresh and organic, some contain harmful pesticides which can manipulate genes in our body and can cause some diseases. That’s why many people around the globe are accepting culture of kitchen garden, and you can use plastic bottles instead of some expensive flower pots which will cut your some additional costs of kitchen garden and plants grown using those waste bottles can easily be handled.

Another image showing how plastic bottles can be utilized in order to make your kitchen garden more attractive.

This is another way where you can grow multiple crops on a single wall using vertical farming technique. This technique is quite helpful for one to renovate his/her house at low cost and will help one in generating good amount of income by working at home only by growing some commercial crops like chillies, tomatoes, bitter gourd … etc and selling them in the market or using them as they are fresh veggies grown at home.

This is an innovative idea used by a farmer of Madhya Pradesh

Just as a human need water and glucose to keep their body under function, the same occurs with plants and normal sprinkling of water in a field of a particular crop wastes approx 3 kg of water and this idea used by a farmer of Madhya Pradesh utilizes each and evey drop of water and let’s only required amount of water to travell it to plants, which not only protects plant or crop from excessive water but also prevents water loss that occurs due to sprinklers.

Another image showing how plastic bottle can be used as an earthen pot for roots of a particular plant or tree to utilize water.

Well Agriculture is back bone of our country and tough we’ve got some great minds of farmers who are constantly feeding us daily, and as plastic pollution is constantly degrading soil porosity, quality and fertility we can utilize this plastic waste for generating new crops from commercial level to kitchen garden, which not only will reduce plastic pollution but will also reduce some external costs required for growing some seasonal or commercial crops.

So let’s absorbe concepts of this innovative technique and reduce plastic pollution.

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