Extinction and Endangerment

Those two words above are reality and yes these things are happening not from this century but from almost 165 million years ……….but

Extinction that happened 165 million years ago was natural and at that time there was a dominating species named Dinosaurs who used to rule this planet and some even used to kill others…..

Well extinction and endangerment are really important processes if occur naturally but when it happens in bulk that too by artificial method it not only affects them but whole biosphere…

Today we are talking about our weapon that is causing mass extinction of various species and that weapon is no other than “plastic”,yes plastic pollution clearly is affecting almost 267 species worldwide every year and almost 700 species are on verge of extinction or are endangered just because of a vigorous weapon that we humans created and most affected population animals due to this plastic are marine fishes and water birds.

Poor creatures eating weapon of mass extinction

We should stop using and throwing plastic waste as even if one species gets effected whole universe have to pay for that………..

So let’s stop using plastic and start utilizing cloth bags or paper bags.

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