Extended Producer Responsibility and it’s anatomy

Humans are growing responsible towards the use and disposal of plastic as they are being educated about how it’s misuse and improper dumping is harming mother nature. Therefore the governments are also taking responsible steps like the introduction of EPR in Plastic Waste Management Rules 2016. Extended Producer Responsibility or EPR is a legislative strategy used by most industrialised nations to promote chemical recycling of plastic waste. Globally, EPR is the only viable strategy to prevent landfilling of plastic waste. Earlier, EPR was left to the discretion of the local bodies. First time, the producers (i.e persons engaged in manufacture, or import of carry bags, multi-layered packaging and sheets or like and the persons using these for packaging or wrapping their products) and brand owners have been made responsible for collecting waste generated from their products. They have to approach local bodies for formulation of plan/system for the plastic waste management within the prescribed timeframe.

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