Effect of Covid 19 on the environment

A worldwide pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus is not only affecting us physically mentally but is also affecting our environment. The virus has impacted over 2 million people all over the world and is continue to do so. There have been both positive and negative impact of this pandemic on our environment.

Climate experts predicated that the emission of green house gases could drop to a level which is never happened since world War II, this could be the result of the lockdown and social distancing policies implemented by the government in order to contain the spread of the disease.

Power plants and industries halted their production and also the considerable decrease of vehicles actives has led to a dramatic decrease of NO2 and particulate matter in Hubei province of China.Also, due the social distancing measures implemented by most governments have resulted to clean beaches and reduction in waste generation. It also led to the reduction of noise pollution due to the minimal use of private and public transport as well as commercial activities.

Countries that had a negative impact.

The novel coronavirus has also caused some negative effects on the environment. In USA, some of the cities halted the operation of recycling programs to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. On the other hand European countries suspended sustainable waste management process. Certain companies switched from reusable bags to single use packaging. Online food ordering has also increased leading to more domestic waste. Also the use of protective mask has created a huge pile of garbage, which is very difficult to manage.

While we are still facing the impact of this pandemic, our environment has also been going through a lot of drastic changes. Furthermore, the virus crisis brings other environmental problems that may last longer and maybe more challenging to manage if countries neglect the impact of the epidemic on the environment.

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