Educational Institutes: Foundation of Society

Educational Institutes: Foundation of Society

When there is a need of change in a society, education plays an important role. So an educational institute is like a factory who produce changemakers. When we become literate, we can resolve the problem. We learn. But if that doesn’t reflect in our action, there is no means of education.

To spread awareness among students, Environmental Studies has introduced in curriculum. But students don’t learn from it, only memorize for exam. It is only in books not in their action. We have essay competitions, debate competitions and many more on plastic waste. But student participate to show their talent not for nature. Only a few of them take it seriously and do their bit for nature. Why a few? Perhaps their surroundings are responsible. Elder people like their parents and teachers don’t have a sustainable lifestyle. In our normal conversation we don’t talk about management of plastic waste. The curriculum is book oriented only. There are no practical activities.

To make a change in society we have to shift from book to reality. The curriculum must be mixture of theory and practical. Students should directly involve in protection of environment. Teachers and guardians should also engage. The activities like segregation of waste, making of compost, making of ecobricks etc must be promoted among students. There must be an environmental club like sports club. Not only school but also university and college students should participate. Ecofriendly products should be made popular among students. Academy shouldn’t keep it in it premises. Educational institute should organise an event where local people can participate and can be inspired to change their lifestyle. Institutes should collaborate with NGOs and make the society a better place.

Have you heard of a school who accept plastic as a fee? Yes, there is a school in Assam who has created an example for others. A Sikkim teacher with the help of his student recycles plastic packets into bookcovers. In Dehradun students are engaged in a program named “Plastic Wapsi Abhiyaan”.  A group of students of Chhattisgarh are sending back plastic wrappers to the manufacture. In Kolkata some students are setting up vertical gardens from the plastic collected from their campus. “Collector at Schools” project has initiated in Kochi. There so many institutes like these. But the number is very small with respect to total educational institutes. All institutes should come forward.

We need not a few student, but all student.

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