Ecobricks – What next?

After successfully convincing my neighbours and friends to make ecobricks of their own, it was only right to feel the necessity of listening to the opinions they held about the same. While there were quite a few who were highly convinced with the idea as it meant saving resources and of course, protecting the environment, there were also a few who considered it to be a waste of time and quite tedious as they believed their ecobricks would eventually end up in the dump yards. Others were fairly convinced but stressed on the concerning fact that its implementation in India could pose to be a challenge; further believing, it holds potential only till the time it is of commercial use.

Following a fortnight of consciously collecting all non-biodegradable plastic waste in a plastic bottle, a common question that arose in their minds was “what next?”.

  • Personal EcoBricks can be given to a local drop-off to help a disadvantaged community. Contacting a project in your area at its very start is a good idea!
  • Even better, get creative at home. Store your ecobricks till you have enough to make your own project. Spread awareness and involve others around you.

Building community green spaces is an excellent use of ecobricks!

Once we start making ecobricks of our own, it helps us become conscious of the amount of waste we generate on a daily basis. In turn, helps offer a decent temporary solution to the problem we wish to tackle. As rightly said “something is better than nothing”, I hope I have been able to convince you too to ‘fill in the gaps’.

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