Ecobricks:- The Plastic Solution.

Ecobricks:- The Plastic Solution.

An Ecobrick is essentially a reusable building block created by solid non biodegradable waste placed into a plastic bottle to a set density.

By packing the bottles with a set density, it makes them suitable building blocks for virtually any construction. They can also be packed with other non-biological un-recyclables that, uncontained, are toxic to the environment (i.e. styrofoam, wires, small batteries, etc.).

Ecobricks are a sustainable way to reuse non-biodegradable plastic waste as plastic waste is regarded as a long-lasting and durable material. Hence, keeping plastic out of the ecosystem and prevents the contamination of the environment.

Ecobricks are used to make many things such as furniture, walls and buildings. It allows communities and companies to get control of their plastic waste to create modular furniture, garden spaces, walls and even full-scale buildings.

How do we make an Ecobrick?

1. Get your plastics and also take precaution.

Only use clean, dry plastic or else microbiologicals beings can grow and form methane in the bottle. If there is any food, oil or dirt on your plastic, be sure to wash then dry. Clean and dry plastic includes styrofoam, bags, packaging, straws, cellophane and is basically anything else that is not recyclable. We should also take precaution with bacteria and another insect for that we should use Gloves and Mask when we doing this.

2. Choose a bottle

Find 1.5 litres or 500ml bottle and you are ready to start!

3. Find your perfect stick

Find the correct stick which will allow you to pack the plastic well, it should be twice the height of your bottle, with a slightly rounded tip and with a diameter roughly one third the width of a standard bottle opening– about 6mm

4. Get creative with your ecobrick

The first piece of plastic should be soft plastic with a solid colour, so be creative as it will make your trash look colourful!

5. Pack your bottle!

Pack your bottle with plastic, alternating between soft and hard plastic to maximise the density. The smaller the pieces, the denser you’ll get, so cut up big plastics into smaller pieces!

Now the thing is ready to use. We use these in various thing to make wall in home, boundary of park or use for decoration any thing else.


  • Use of innovative material with suitable application such as Plastic bottle can have considered benefits including finding the best reduction in energy consumption and hence reducing environment degradation.
  • Re-using the plastic bottles as the building material can have sustainable effect on saving the building energy by using them instead of bricks in the wall reducing the emission in construction process.
  • Moreover the would be less thermal conduction in plastic masonry construction compared to conventional masonry hence it would reduce the heat inside the building and less amount external resource would be needed for cooling purpose

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