Ecobricks in Schools

We may not own up to it, but each of us has happened to take the people we love and the things we own for granted at some point or the other. Similar is the case with resources, as management on our part has been lagging. On the other hand, people who are not as privileged, seem to have much better utilisation skills than those who are. Spotted by the environmental activist Susana Heisse was an elderly woman making do of the plastic waste generated in her village to build herself a simple house. This idea seemed to please her so much that she went on to invent the first construction system using plastic bottles stuffed with non-recyclable plastic, and she gave rise to the term “eco-brick”. And soon, not just homes but schools too started being constructed using ecobricks as the primary raw material, along with connective material like cement, silicone, etc..

Furthermore, students are encouraged to engage themselves in do-it-yourself projects involving ecobricks, and playgrounds, furniture, and beautiful structures are built by using the endless potential of the wonder innovation. While we are able to see the fruit reaped through our efforts towards waste management, our perseverance remains in play.

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