Ecobricks – Fill in the Gaps

“How did one even come up with the idea of filling bottles we would normally just throw out, with plastic waste and using it for construction purposes?” was the first question that popped in my head on hearing about an Ecobrick.

The whole idea of reusing single use or non-recyclable plastic – rather than letting them end up on the streets or water bodies – by containing them within a plastic bottle helps reduce the harmful effects of plastic degradation and prevent contamination of the environment. To provide as a reliable and sturdy replacement for regular bricks, the weight and density of the ecobricks are essential; that being said, having a good mix of soft and hard plastics helps make them more dense.

What we can aim to do at a personal level is condition ourselves to make ecobricks of our own, as this is a great way of implementing waste segregation. Quite achievable as it may seem, it does take time to adapt these practices in daily life. Some of the items you can collect to put in your very own brick include plastic cutlery, bags, fruit and vegetable packaging, chips and biscuit packets, straws (switching to reusable straws, like those made of bamboo, rather than plastic ones is a better idea!) and polystyrene or styrofoam, which is often used to make food containers and packaging. Basically, any kind of non-biodegradable plastic can be used as long as it is clean and dry.

Cutting plastics into smaller pieces to fill in the bottle is always a good idea. So, I have started filling in the gaps, you should too! When it is no longer squishable, you are done!

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  1. Proper use of plastic is being considered for making ecobticks.

  2. I love these awesome articles about saving the planet

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