Ecobricks- a step towards a plastic-free environment

What is an eco brick?

Ecobrick is a plastic bottle( transparent polyethene terephthalate or PET bottle) packed with plastic debris. Plastic waste and small scraps of the plastic around the environment can infiltrate and clog up pipelines and water beds. It can pollute the ocean and seawater if it escapes from the river. For maintaining and gathering all plastic waste into making it less toxic for the environment, the eco-bricks play a important part.

Procedure for eco-brick

The small to large plastic is first cleaned, dried and the dirt is scraped out of the plastic surface to avoid the growth of anaerobic microbes. Because the growth and metabolism of microbe in the closed bottle can release gases like methane which can burst open the bottle because of pressure. Methane is a toxic and dangerous fume which is highly flammable and is in the group of the greenhouse gases which contribute to global warming. So this cleaning process is important. The bigger plastic waste is cut down into small pieces. Then plastic debris is packed in the bottle layer by layer. It is tightly packet and pushed by a wooden dry stick in the dry clean bottle. The bottle is rotated with each press to make sure it is evenly crammed. This prevents gaps and spaces which hinders the building blocks of it in future. These bottles can be stacked up without littering the surrounding. Or even used in making creative models and designs for the decorative purpose to promote plastic waste management and eco bricking.

Purpose of ecobrick.

The main purpose is to reduce plastic waste polluting the environment. But it also focuses on promoting and spreading awareness of plastic waste management. It has very little protocol and easy technique. Eco bricks can also be made by the public right at home. It’s a collaborative effort that helps the reduction of plastic in the environment. It doesn’t need a large sum of money in the making or needs a lot of time. Ecobricks are easy to make and store.

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