Ecobricks : A Little Contribution

Ecobricks : A Little Contribution

Plastic has become a part of our life. We use it and throw it. Then it pollutes our ecosystem. Why other living creatures suffer because of us? Not only they, we also suffer. Because of polluted environment many new diseases are appearing. Have we ever regretted for it? Can we do something? Is it possible to make a plastic waste free environment? Yes, the idea of ecobrick can make it possible to some extent.

I told my neighbours and my friends about ecobricks. Some appreciated it and started making ecobricks.

My friend’s ecobrick
My sister’s friend’s ecobrick

They have many queries regarding ecobricks. I think we all have the same questions.

Can ecobricks solve plastic waste crisis really?”  

What if rag picker doesn’t collect? They will remain in our house and make our house dirty. We can’t keep the bottles though out our life.

Why do we do if it goes to dump yard after making?

What is the meaning of our work if other people throw their plastic wastes?

And so on.

From ecobricks we can make garden walls, furniture. For personal project you have to store many ecobricks. So, it takes some time. If you work as a group, then in a little time we have so many ecobricks. Then we can make any things from it. If you don’t want to store ecobricks, then give it to a waste picker or ragpicker. If it goes to dump yard, it will well visible to a ragpicker and they will collect it easily. This will help ragpickers make their living. At least there will be no environmental pollution. There will be no scattered plastic wastes around the dustbin. The plastic waste will be prisoned in a small bottle. If we wait for everyone, then there will be no initiation. Someone has to start. Then spread it as much as possible.

It is not only my duty. Everyone has to contribute. If everyone in a group move one step, as a whole it will move many times of individual. Remember it is not me, it is us. We need only your some times. We need you. Together we can make ecobricks as a community activity. A small contribution towards our nature from all individual can make great changes.

The participation is a few but making of ecobricks have started in my locality. Have you begun this journey of making ecobricks?

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