Ecobricks: A DIY

Ecobricks: A DIY

Wastes are not always harmful. If we know how to manage them, they can be converted into wealth. From kitchen wastes we make composts. By selling recyclable plastics, newspapers, cardboards to kabadiwala we earn some pocket-money. But what about nonrecyclable plastic wastes? Can we create something from plastic wrappers? Yes, ecobricks.

Ecobricks are plastic bottles packed with nonrecyclable plastics. Bottles become so dense that can be used as building blocks. Indoor furniture, walls in garden can be made from ecobricks. The main idea is to manage wastes at its source level. Instead of throwing innovate something new from it. All age group people can make it. It is like a DIY activity. You need only dry and clean used plastics, a bottle, a scissor and a stick.

Before making an ecobrick, I had to change my habit of throwing plastics. I keep all used plastic polyethene, wrappers at one place. At end of the day I pack the bottle with those plastics. A mixture of soft and hard plastic makes it denser. Adding different colours of plastics gives a new life to it. My family members are taking interest now. We don’t need to handover the wastes to the waste pickers now a days. A small chocolate wrapper is useful now. First collect, then cut, and then pack is like a fun activity. It reminds me my childhood days. It is a measurement of our daily consumption of plastic. How badly we effect our ecosystem?

“Why ecobricks are so underrated? Why people don’t talk about them?” these questions arouse in my mind, when I first heard about ecobricks. Maybe we don’t realize we are going to hell. How much dangerous can these plastic wastes be? Before things goes out of control, make some changes in your daily life. You have to give only 10 to 15 minutes once in a day. A fun activity can reduce much wastes from our surroundings. Become a child again for our mother earth. A little contribution can make great changes. Make our environment habitatble.

I enjoy it. When will you start?

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