Ecobricking : developing a habit

Now that it has been a few weeks since my relatives, friends, and I made our first ecobrick, we would not be lying while saying that we have kind of gotten used to it. Reaching out to the dustbin after emptying a packet of lip-smacking chips, does not seem natural anymore. It is only once we started collecting plastic waste in a bottle, that we could keep track of the amount produced daily. Alongside, truthfully saying, we all were surprised beyond belief on seeing the amount of plastic waste generated each day.

On talking to a friend, who did not seem very convinced about ecobricking, I was presented with a new perspective altogether. While he did believe that there is an expeditious need to segregate plastic waste, doing so inside a bottle did not seem very convenient to him. As the conversation proceeded with me telling him the innumerable innovative ways in which people deal with the ecobricks once completely tough and rigid, he felt the solution was not good enough for the long term unless commercialised. And while industrialisation may seem to be the focus, it really is not. Furthermore, we must not forget the original goal is minimisation and finally, elimination. Nonetheless, the short term objectives are being attained and while the question “what next?” remains, ecobricking is undoubtedly a positive step.

A bit more conscious, a bit more aware, each day must pass working towards repair!

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