Ecobricking: A solution to sustainable living.

Ecobricking: A solution to sustainable living.

What is an ecobrick? An ecobrick is a method of packing all plastic waste in a plastic bottle to a set density and it serves the purpose of reusable building blocks. Building an ecobrick is very simple, just collect all the plastic in your house/society/area/ and pack it all in used plastic bottles. It is a win-win situation as we get to clean up for the plastic chaos caused and use it to build structures at a minimal environmental cost. The global ecobrick Alliance promotes low-technology methods that do not require capital, fuel, electricity, or any specialized equipment. Maximum density minimizes the flammability of the ecobrick while increasing its durability and re-usability.

Should you turn your waste plastic into 'ecobricks'?

Where can we use them? Ecobricks can be connected using tire bands, silicone, cob, and cement for applications like tables, beds, stages, indoor playgrounds, temporary stalls, sheds, circular structures, raised gardens, raised beaches, food forest play parks, walls, etc.

These ecobricks help to save energy and are considered as low grade recycling solutions.

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