Eco Bricks

Eco Bricks

Plastic waste

Plastic products have become an important part of our daily life as a result of which this hard to decompose polymer is produced at a massive scale worldwide. ‘Plastics are hard to decompose!’ ‘Burning them causes air pollution!’ These are amongst the many things that we, the new generation, have learnt up growing! We even vouch to preserve our environment from plastic! Like the last time when you used a paper bag for shopping or even when the last time you refuse to have coke in a plastic bottle. Well,kudos to that! But the issue is so profound that despite human efforts, India alone generates 9.46 million tonnes of plastic out of which 40% goes uncollected!

The repercussions are straight in our faces. Plastic pollution is killing wildlife from the north to the south. It’s clogging drains from the posh areas to the slums. A report estimates that between 400,000 and one million people die every year because of diseases and accidents linked to poorly managed plastic waste.

Reading the data above,you might be wondering that despite doing my best if the problem still remains and grows,what else could be done? As the proverb goes ‘Charity begins at home’. So this ‘charity’ that the entire human race has to do for itself also begins at every individual’s home. Yes! Even your home! It’s time we look at the minutes. For example the plastic wafer of your favourite chocolate, the plastic packaging of your sibling’s stationery, the plastic covering of the spices in the kitchen or the milk packet that came to your house today morning. All of them. How about collecting all of them together in a readily available plastic bottle and keeping plastic out of the ecosystem? And the betst part is these collected stacks of plastic can be used to make furniture,walls,buildings etc.


Here’s what I am talking about is an Eco-Brick.Eco-bricks make use of the very problem( longetivity and durability) to secure plastics. By packing plastics into a bottle the net surface area of the plastic is reduced many times and that reduces the chances of potential degradation. You might have heard or read roads made of plastic or petroleum made out of plastic. You must have wondered the resources and the means to do so must be complicated. It indeed is. But Eco-Bricks are a simple technique that can be practiced by anyone in their comfort of their home. It bascially enables folks like you and I,to put the plastic we generate into use.

The consumption of single-use plastics in households has become a pariah. As long as we can keep plastic away from mother nature,we will be able to protect it from the harmful affects of the same. Eco-bricking,thus is the need of the hour.

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