After going through all the theory and numerous videos related to eco-bricks, I found myself in a position to make one too. Well, to start with the process is really simple, select a plastic bottle and start collecting all the plastic that comes to your place. To start with I took the milk plastic packet, plastic carry bags, edible stuff with plastic packaging etc. To my surprise little did I know about the plastic consumption at my place. Collecting all the bits and pieces it has become a pile of plastic that too just in a week! A few details that I have noticed were as follows;

  • Shredding- all of us obviously do not have the means to shred plastics, so what we can do alternatively was to cut it into smaller pieces that go do through the diameter of the bottle selected.
  • Dry Plastic- we’ll have to make sure that the plastic that we use for stuffing in the bottle is clean and dry. Because you will obviously not want a pungent smell from your eco-brick
  • Exceptions- some waste despite being plastic couldn’t be used for making eco-bricks. For Example- sanitary pads disposable packets.

Well, that’s so far my experience with making of eco-bricks. There’s long journey ahead in completing my first eco-brick I hope you start making yours soon. Until next time…


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