Eco-bricking: a beautiful concept.

It was a bright sunny day when I first heard about the well-planned concept of Ecobricking. I looked into the topic more, researched and watched videos on that topic. It didn’t require much, it was a simple yet effective method. A pair of scissors, the plastic that you were going to throw, a plastic bottle, and a will to promote cleanliness in my environment, that’s all it took for me to get motivated and start with doing it myself. I also introduced the concept to my family then, I had to and I was prepared to start doing it myself. The first day, I did cut the plastics in small pieces and put them in a plastic water bottle, months old. I was happy, the feeling of doing good struck me. I also told about this to my friends through text, as I could not possibly meet them now. The next day I did the very same, but there was a problem: my family was used to throw all the plastics, plastics that they accumulate, in the dustbin and they were still doing it.
When I went near the dustbin, I could see plastics still, lying, sparing and laughing at me. That might have demotivated me a little, but I thought then: We all have a duty as a human being, as yourselves residing and using nature’s resources. When we owe something to someone, we should pay it back, we should have the will, the motivation. It is we, we who are responsible for the current state of mother nature, it is we who are bearing the consequences and it shall be us as well who should protect nature from further exploitation. We, humans, come from the soil and we go back into that soil, we owe that soil much more than we think we do.
So, the next day I started again and now, it’s almost been a week. I look at the bottle, half-filled now and I feel proud that I am doing my part, my duty.

Is Ecobricking Worth it?

Yes, yes! Thousand times yes! It’s definitely worth it. You could even start and create your own furniture through them, you can be as creative as you want to be. But for that, you need to be consistent. And when you start doing this, you might be shocked at how much plastic you use daily. Think now, how much more people would be using plastic in just the same quantity or even more or less. Plastic has become a part of our life cycle, a bad part. And this came the concept of Ecobricking, we might not remove plastic completely, but we can think of a way to not let those plastics harm us or our mother nature in any way. Plastics in the soil can degrade its fertility, plastic in oceans, seas or any local water body can make it toxic and also harmful for the aquatic animals and plants residing inside. We all form a cycle, we all are depended on each organism some way or the another. Plastic is degrading this cycle. So, we must prison it, we must let it not get near to mother nature. Did you know that plastics that around 1000 years to decompose into the soil? 1000 years can easily accommodate around 8 generations! Are we going to let that happen? Are we going to let the plastics damage our future generations while we sit and do nothing about it when we actually can?

So, why not now?
It all starts with you. And if you ever feel demotivated, remember a line from a famous song, “Earth” by Lil Dicky:

We love the Earth, it is our planet. We love the Earth, it is our home.

So, are you ready to protect and safeguard your Home?

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