Day 2

So the day 2 started with a little thinking and introspection about what I have been doing with regards to this little project that i have taken on, so last time i left you guys with a cliffhanger and since that day I have done a little bit of research to decide whether the task i have taken up is actually important. Don’t be aghast, it is natural for me to ask such questions. We have been brought up with such conventionality that it does not occur to us to ask questions which goes against what we think is normal . So this was the thought that popped up in my mind, is plastic really that bad? Come to think of it, everyone uses it and every invention is born out of need. Sure plastic is non-biodegradable and it is difficult to decompose it but are the alternatives really that good. Take one alternative for example, paper bags but ask yourself this, isn’t the use of paper bags actually harming environment more as they are the direct products of trees, so by asking to use paper bags , we are merely substituting the option of non-biodegradable products with deforestation something which is inadvertently harmful in the longer run.

So enough on this rant, let us discuss the main topic my experience doing ecobricking for the second consecutive day, while it has been difficult for me to get out of this habit ,it seems my mother has fairly adapted to it and is sustaining it very well. She has even advocated to my grandmother about the benefits of this, so my environmental crusade is being taken up by two other people as well and i hope to influence people this way for a little bit more time. Watch out for my next post as i recount my day 3 experience

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