Day 1

Do you know what happens to your plastic after you dispose of it? I asked my neighbors this question and their answers baffled me. Not only did they not know the answer, they asked me why should they care. According to them, they had done their jobs when they disposed of it in the manner they saw fit and after that it was not up to them to follow up on the plastic management procedure, they had their own lives to worry about after all.Any reader reading this would be surprised and offended by this neighbors and such is their right. But to think of it, would any of us do any different? Not really right. It is easier to harp on about how we need to pollute the environment less, use paper, recycle. But as the famous saying goes, practice before you preach, most people don’t tend to do that. And this exact attitude is the reason we are still slow on the environmental progress front because the other guy will do that , right?

So my work was cut out for me, my job was to promote ecobricking which is a practice of collecting all the plastic waste of the household in one bottle and then disposing it off. Sounds simple enough. Sure I could try that, no big deal or so i thought. Turns out it is a bit difficult in practice, I did find a bottle to collect all the plastic waste in but whoever said that old habits die hard was not kidding. My feet kept going towards the dustbin.Thankfully, I had my mother to stop me, she liked the initiative so much that she made it her responsibility to collect it at one bottle and then dispose it off . So i can honestly say that day 1 of ecobricking challenge for me is over. This is a new initiative and the motive behind the practice will slowly become clear to you through my future posts. Till then, stay tuned to these posts as I recap my struggles for you.

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