Dangers of Plastic

We have talked about uses of plastic, how to manage it in our day to day lives, how to dispose of plastic waste judiciously, what alternatives are available and what not. We have taken it for a given that plastic is harmful for the environment and it causes pollution and is detrimental for human health. We have never paused and questioned why plastic gets such a bad rep. My post hopes to answer that. So the next time someone questions you why exactly plastic is harmful, you come up with more than just a blank face and actually substantiate your answer with facts.

Plastic is not only bad for the environment but bad for your health as well. Plastic is made using a starting material bisphenol A which seeps out of the bottle into water and may cause cancer in some patients. It causes adverse effects on children as well. So it might be easier for all the soft drink manufactures to use plastic bottles for packaging because of its cheaper cost but they fail to realize a higher human toll it takes. Easy way is not always the best.

It is said that plastic takes about a thousand years to decompose. Phew, that is a long time. In the meantime it does not sit idle. Its chemicals seeps into the ecosystem, our oceans and what not. Disrupting the food chain at its core. Come to think of it, that is a bad way to spend thousand years. Some toxins leaked can cause cancer and other diseases for humans. So in the thousand years it takes for a single water bottle to decompose, it wreaks havoc on the careful balance that environment has created for us.

Dangers of plastic

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